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Handmade productions by family factories in Tibet & Nepal
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Tibetan Treasure

DZAMBALA Wealth Vase

Rudraxis Store

Tibetan & Nepali Goods
We started in early 2014 as a supplier of famous Rudraksha & Bodhi bio-energy seeds from Nepal. Now you have idea where this name comes from. Now we have turned into an online store and service where you can get the best products available on Nepal local market. Among all Tibetan and Nepalese family factories, we select unique quality products, mostly handmade. Our assortment is ancient Tibetan Dzi beads, Buddhist altar objects and statues, Tibetan art - Thangka, silver jewelry, antiques, rosary made from local seeds, woolen items, Tibetan carpets, Himalayan stones and much more.
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Store Collection of Dzi Beads


Services We Providing

Handmade productions by family factories in Tibet & Nepal
REQUEST SEARCH ITEM Are you looking for a unique product? It is a rarity? We will help you to find! Just send us a search request with description. FILLING STATUES Each statue that you purchase in store can be filled by the monk according to the rules of the Buddhist tradition. There will be all the necessary elements inside the statue and it will be sealed. At the time of purchase, choose "fill the statue" or write a comment on the order. THANGKA PAINTING Nepalese Thangka art masters will draw an individual Thangka for you upon your request. Additional info required. BLESSING GOODS Any product purchased in Rudraxis Store can be blessed by monks from monasteries in Nepal by your request. Write a note when make next purchase. HANGING LUNG-TA / TIBETAN FLAGS Tibetan flags /Lung Ta/ will be hanging for you, your family or friends. It's take action in Nepal at the Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu. INTERNATIONAL DELIVARY by DHL We provide you with best International Delivery by DHL - it's safe & secure, usually it take 5-7 business days worldwide

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In Rudraxis YouTube Channel you can find the video of Blessing ceremony and Puja, video promotion of new products. Read useful articles about Buddhism, practice, ritual items in Rudraxis Blog. If you are using Twitter - it's easy to stay update with our Twitter Showcase. Biggest community of our customers is in Instagram - always up to date!

Goods We Sell

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DZI BEADS TIBETAN TALISMAN Legendary Dzi Beads, great collection of different ages and qualities of beads. Ancient talismans - a large selection of patterns. ALTAR ITEMS BUDDHIST PRACTICE GOODS Vases, offering Bowls, Vajra, Bells, Mandalas, Serchem, Kapala, Phurba, Ghee Lamp. All type of materials: silver, copper, gold, brass. BUDDHIST STATUES NEPAL HANDMADE Buddha, Green Tara, Amitabha, Padmasambhava, Amitaus, Samantabhadra. All Buddhist Statues made in Nepal by hand using old technology of gold & silver platting. SILVER JEWELRY NEPAL HANDMADE Silver bracelets, rings, earrings, hair clips, necklaces with gems like Coral, Agate, Lapis and Turquoise. Handmade Silver Jewelry in traditional Tibetan and Nepali styles. - Asia Antique / order by request - Rudraksha & Bodhi seeds mala (rosary) / wood, stone rosary - Natural ethnic Jewelry / Nepali & Tibet culture
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Deep knowledge of products specification, meaning and recommendation for amulets. Buddhist practice showcases and more articles about Tibet and Nepal in Rudraxis Blog.

Shipping Information

International delivery by DHL Express, USPS, TNT usually takes 5-7 days
Enjoy fast & secure international shipping by DHL and USPS are our primary shippers but we may use alternate shipping methods for some orders. The options for DHL Express, DHL International, USPS Standard, USPS Priority, TNT, EMS, SkyNet services will depend on the weight, size & shipping address of the product you ordering. The tracking number for your order will be available on the order status page once your order ships. You can access the order status page via the “View your order” link included in your order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails.

Payment Options

We accept Cryptocurrency, Visa & Direct Bank Transfer
DIRECT BANK TRANSFER Currently we accept bank transfers in next currency: USD | EUR | GBR | SGD | AUD | TRY CRYPTOCURENCY PAYMENT Accepted coins: BTC | ETH | XRP | ADA | XLM | ETC & others by request VISA & MASTERCARD Fiat currency for cart-to-cards payments: USD | EUR

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